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AG Series | ARGON Welding Cable Reel

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Welding Reel | AG-Series

Design & Structure

  • Reels are all steel construction and compact design
  • All bolted assembly without welding.
  • Dual frame ,guide plate & ball bearing support.
  • Special heat-treatment spring & non-corrosive, non-sparking ratchet.
  • 4-way guide roller assembly. Roller position must be specified.
  • Quick connection to your welder.
  • For use with single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead.
  • 400amp rated slip ring.
  • Declutching arbor is provided to prevent damage from reverse wni ding.
  • All materials is carbon steel as standard(Stainless, Aluminum and other materials are available when you request)
  • Other specifications are available.

Painting : Powder Coat.


  • Can be control Argon and Tig welding cable by one reel.
  • Increase usability and easy control workings.
  • Facilitate by custom made according to working place or usage.
MODEL No. Reel Dimension
Length Cable Earth Gas Hose Rewind Type
AG25-1 330*450*490 10MR 1.25sq*2c 38sq Φ6 Spring Rewind
AG25-2 330*450*490 15MR 1.25sq*2c 38sq Φ6 Spring Rewind
AG25-3 380*450*490 20MR 1.25sq*2c 38sq Φ6 Spring Rewind