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  • 02. May. 2013Certificate of E-Frontier Business by Gyeonggi Province

  • 23.Aug.2013Register of System for Award Management(SAM) in Official U.S. Government                                  System

  • 26.Aug.2013Approval of Bluechip Medium and Small Enterprise by Gyeonggi Province.

  • 29. Aug. 2012Approval of CLEAN Workplace

  • 16. Oct. 2012Certificate of Utility Model Registration No.20-0463190

  • 16. Oct. 2012Certificate of Patent No. 10-1193529

  • 18. Oct. 2012Approval of Exclusive R&D Department

  • 08.Jan.2011Certificate of Registration ISO 9001;2008

  • 17. Mar. 2011Certificate of INNO-BIZ

  • 17. May. 2011Build New Factory in Namyangju-si, Kyeonggi

  • 07.June.2011 Develops Stroke Sensor Reel for Crane

  • 15.Apr.2007Develops 360º Rotation Spring rewind hosereel Hose Reel

  • 20. Nov. 2007Certificate of Venture business

  • 23.Nov.2006Develops Hose and Cable Reel for LPG Tank Lorry

  • 10.May.2005Develops High Pressure Hose Reel for jet Vaccum Tank lorry.

  • 24. Aug. 2005Certificate of Registration ISO 9001

  • 10.Aug.2003Develops Hydraulic Hose Reel and Cable Reel FOR CRANE

  • 10.May.2002 Develops HACCP WATER HOSEREEL(STAINLESS WATERHOSEREEL) for                                  Kitchen

  • 05. Mar. 2001Establish Reeltec Industry Corporation

  • 20.Sep.2001Develops Refueling Hose Reel for Tank Lorry

  • 13.Oct.2001Develops Power Hose Reel for Fire Engine