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Self Retracting Hydraulic Hose reel
(Self Retracting Hydraulic Hose Reel) | Reel for Crane

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(Self Retracting Hydraulic Hose Reel)
REEL FOR CRANE  |  Hydraulic Hose reel

Uses : Crane-mobile and tower,fork lift trucks, and special vehicles.

Available hose Hose capacity Max Pressure Max Temperature
1/4inch~1/2inch 150feet/45meters 4350psi/300bar 176℉ (80℃)

Design & Structure

  • Heavy duty steel construction and without frame.
  • Full flow shaft and swivel(multi line)
  • Available Hose:Synflex hose
  • Special heat-treatment spring & without ratchet(Constant tension)
  • All (Outlet & inlet) connection threads are female NPT(Other threads can be furnished when you requested)
  • All materials are carbon steel as standard(Stainless,Aluminum and other materials are available when you requested)
  • Crane hose reels are furnished standard with synflex hose
  • Other specifications are available.

Painting : Powder Coat.